Structural Matters

Survey your home for Structural Building Defects 
for Homeowners, Property Developers, Students, Professionals & Property Purchasers

ISBN 978-0-9571620-3-7

This second edition has been updated with new photographs, lots more tips, warnings and general advice to provide the homeowner, student or professional with a quick and easy reference guide to identify some of the more common structural building defects found in traditionally built residential properties. It includes a comprehensive structural inspection checklist which has been referenced to the structural building defects section. The inspection checklist will direct the reader to the key elements of the building structure to inspect whilst the structural building defects section includes general advice on what to look out for, why it has happened and what to do now.


Reports by Experts

SECTION 1 - The Structural Inspection Checklist.

SECTION 2 - Structural Building Defects, Roof Defects, Roof Structure Examples, Chimneys, Bay Windows, Walls - Crack Measurement Guide, Wall Materials, Walls - Thermal and Moisture Movement, Walls - Cracks above Openings, Walls - Undulating Masonry Walls, Walls - Wall Tie Failure in Cavity Walls, Walls - Timber Built into and Supporting Walls, Retaining and Freestanding Walls, Foundation Movement and Subsidence, Influence of Trees on Clay Soils, Chemical attack, Floors, Notching and Drilling of Timber Members, Ground Bearing Floor Slabs, Concrete Defects, Moisture in buildings, Timber Rot, Modern timber framed housing, Insect attack on timber, Structural Alterations, Fire Damage, Vehicle Impact Damage, Poor Design and Workmanship.

SECTION 3 - Routine Building Maintenance.

'Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest and purchased a copy of the first edition and we hope that you find this pocket book interesting and helpful with your initial building assessment'